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specialists in the supply of premium polyurethane films and high-performance polyurethane coated fabrics

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High performance Polyurethane coated fabrics, Polyurethane sheetings for demanding applications

All of our polyurethane (PU) coated fabrics and polyurethane films are manufactured from thermo plastic polyurethanes (TPU's) and are therefore weldable, by High-Frequency (HF), Radio Frequency (RF), hot-air and also impulse techniques.

They can also be fabricated using adhesives, provided the appropriate procedure is used. Please contact us for details.

Our specialities include materials for:

We also offer synthetic rubber sheetings/coated fabrics for marine and industrial applications.

Unrivaled technical expertise and a wide range of materials available from stock provide you with the optimum choice.

Tried and tested by world-famous organisations, our materials also have the formal approvals needed to give total confidence.